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Unique Facts of Meteors in the Sky

Unique Facts of Meteors in the Sky - Shooting stars or commonly called meteors are a rare phenomenon. Where there is an explosion of fire in the sky and the pieces fall into the earth's atmosphere at a very high speed. Meteors that fall at night are very visible like shooting stars. Here are facts about meteors in the sky. 1. Meteor Characteristics Meteors are meteoroids that enter the atmosphere and experience friction with the atmosphere. These meteoroids are solid celestial bodies that are small and less than 10 meters in diameter. While celestial bodies with a size of more than 10 meters, referred to as asteroids. 2. There are millions of meteors Do you know? It turns out that there are millions of meteors in the sky, friends. This number is due to the millions of meteoroids that move closer to Earth's atmosphere every day. 3. Meteors Called Shooting Stars For friends who have heard the term shooting star, this is actually a meteor, lo. Why are meteors then called shooting stars? Apparently, the meteor that looks in the night sky and looks like a shooting star does look like a shooting star or a star that has moved. Meteors that cross the Earth will be seen clearly at night, while during the day, meteors are more difficult to see.
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4. Meteor Shower Apart from falling meteors, there is also the term 'meteor shower'. Have you guys ever heard of it? A meteor shower is the appearance of a number of meteors in the same part of the sky for a certain period of time. Well, some of these meteor showers that occur are related to comets. Comets will leave debris as they orbit around the solar system. This debris then becomes a meteor when it enters the atmosphere. 5. There are Dozens of Meteor Showers Every Year Friends, of course you still remember that there are millions of meteors in the sky, right? The millions of meteors in the sky also cause meteor showers to occur many times. In fact, every year it is estimated that around 30 meteor showers can be seen from Earth, lo. Some meteor showers last very long, some even lasting more than 100 years.