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Mysterious Objects in Outer Space

Mysterious Objects in Outer Space - The world of outer space has a lot of findings that we have never found on this Earth. Outer space has a very wide area so not many people know what objects are there. Indeed there are many amazing discoveries in outer space that are still a mystery to humans. The mysterious discovery was able to arouse human curiosity to know more about objects in outer space. Strange discoveries that raise question marks about the universe, some of which have been solved and revealed by NASA. Here are seven mysterious objects in outer space that have been revealed. Mysterious Objects in Outer Space 1. Purple bubbles/Fermi Bubbles In November 2010, astronomers using NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope discovered two bubbles made of gamma rays. The size of the bubble is about 2.2 million mph (3.5 million km/h). Two bubbles were found, above and below the black hole in the Milky Way's core. These two bubbles touch each other, like an hourglass. The whole structure looks like the number 8. 2. White holes and black holes Space has black holes that are immeasurably vast. But there are black holes (black holes), there are also white holes or white holes. According to researchers' estimates, the existence of white and black holes is like Yin and Yang, has 2 different things. If a black hole will suck an object in, then a white hole will expel that object. However, there are no known signs of the existence of this white hole. Why? Because nothing is spewed out by a white hole. Until now researchers are still detecting unusual radiation explosions will later be developed hypotheses about white holes.
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3. Electric current Electric currents even appear in outer space. Even the power is quite large, 10-18 amps or the equivalent of 1 trillion lightning. With this amount, humans have been able to fully charge the cellphone battery. Not many people know about this power source, including scientists. They still assume that this electric current comes from the black hole in the center of the galaxy. Indeed, the black hole can create a very large electric field. Due to the presence of gas and dust up to a distance of more than 150,000 light years. 4. UFO sightings Many do not believe in UFO sightings. But NASA reportedly never found them. On January 15, 2015, NASA was live video of the International Space Station in outer space. But unintentionally, a UFO-like light flashed past and appeared in the video. Realizing this, NASA immediately cut the video footage. But it is not yet known whether the light was really a UFO or from a satellite.