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This is Nathalie Holscher’s Response to Rizky Febian Who is Ready to Marry Mahalini

This is Nathalie Holscher's Response to Rizky Febian Who is Ready to Marry Mahalini - Recently, there has been more and more news about Rizky Febian and Mahalini which has become the talk of many people. Rizky Febian and Mahalini are widely reported to be going to continue their marriage. Their relationship has always attracted public attention. Understandably, Rizky Febian and Mahalini have different beliefs. This is also the highlight. But even so, the two of them always make their fans baper because of their habit of appearing together and even being dubbed the Bucin couple (slave of love). Nathalie Holscher as Rizky Febian's continued mother also commented on the way her son was in love with his lover. He saw the relationship between Iki (Rizky Febian's greeting) and Mahalini was like repeating the days of dating with Sule. "Yes, I see it like looking in the mirror when I was close with my brother. That's a really bad joke. So if you look at them it's like a flashback," said Nathalie Holscher in the Kalibata area, South Jakarta, recently. Keep getting the latest information and gossip news only at Regarding Rizky Febian and Mahalini's relationship, which looks serious because they have been introduced to their respective families, Nathalie admits that her eldest son already has a desire to marry his lover. "Iky, I've had the codes since yesterday. He said, 'Bun, next year' (married) like that," said Nathalie. Meanwhile, regarding different beliefs, Nathalie said the differences were left to Rizky and Mahalini to discuss and find a solution. "As a parent, I don't want to impose my will on Ikki," he said. According to Nathalie Sule, he never explicitly forbade his son's relationship with Mahalini. "The important thing is that as long as the child is happy, the child is happy. Maybe they also already know what their father told them. So in the future they already know what will happen," he said.